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Workshops, Retreats, One on One, Large and small groups, Dr. Himmer’s approach to wellness combines scholarly research with humor, real life examples, and neuroscience to explain the obvious – Wellness starts with YOU!

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Organizational Wellness

All coaching, whether organizational or personal, is based on promoting the universal principle that healthy, successful relationships are based on mutual trust and respect. Organizations are driven by culture and culture is developed, maintained, and promoted by leaders. When leaders manifest strong emotional intelligence, workers are more engaged and have a higher commitment than workers surrounded with a culture of incivility. When your employee population trusts and respects management, and believes that said management is committed to their wellbeing, they will perform exponentially better than employees who see the relationship with management as adversarial and uncivil. Our organizational coaching focuses on six areas, all of which require the development of emotional intelligence, or EQ.

  • Leadership coaching
  • Train The Trainer
  • Executive coaching
  • Employee engagement
  • Team building
  • Sales training


Personal Wellness

Because organizational and personal challenges stem from the same source, the solutions are found within a common, universal approach. Learning to change from within, basing your relationships on the foundation of mutual trust and respect, is the first step to personal wellness. The sequence of change and growth matters. If you want the outside to change you must begin the process from the inside. Change happens in the now, you can’t change yesterday. As you develop your interpersonal skills you will find that true healing comes when you accept yesterday for what it was and begin the process of creating new experiences that free and empower you. Personal wellness is the process of healing yourself. Our personal wellness plan involves addressing one or all of the following issues.

Personal coaching/therapy:

  • Marriage/couples
  • Parenting
  • Addiction recovery
  • Obesity
  • Depression, anxiety, stress

What Is Wellness?

The Process whereby we learn to integrate.

Wellness can be used to describe two interconnected yet separate categories. Personal wellness is the product of conscientious work on the part of an individual to learn the process of integrating the conscious and the subconscious. Integration begins with one step. The second wellness category is organizational wellness. In this model organizational wellness is the sum total of individuals collectively healing. The hallmark of this kind of wellness is an organizational culture that is built upon the principles of mutual trust and respect that promotes and requires a culture of civility.personal_wellness_single


Another element of wellness is exhibited in one’s ability or capacity to integrate the body with the mind once the conscious and subconscious are one. Extensive new research in the field of the microbiome shows us that If the brains (conscious and subconscious) are fragmented, the body can express the fragmentation with chronic pain, injury, illness or even cancer.


When employees are engaged, energized, and supported the organization as a whole benefits greatly.  When civility and respect are the norm, supervisors and other leaders are able to maximize employee production. When production or productivity are maximized everyone has a much greater chance of being integrated, living within their passion, and engaged in promoting the welfare of the company. When integration is not present the person or organization will self-sabotage, themselves and their organization thereby producing fragmentation in everyone from the suits down. These type of toxic environments don’t heal, they become more toxic. Your best chance of organizational Integration is to train your management team in the role of EQ, do not promote incivility, and finally invest that $1 into the wellness of all your personnel.

Personal Wellness

I’ve said it once and I’ll keep saying it-you are the only agent of change in the story. Everything starts with you. Learning to grow and develop yourself, whether you are struggling in your marriage or being bullied at work, is the only way for healing to begin. Understand that the process of integrating and becoming well must start with you from the inside out. The process teaches you to learn how to start and stay integrated, not fragmented. Integration allows us to seek out safety instead of familiarity. Going back to what is familiar instead of what is safe and adaptive is self destructive and addictive. Integration brings both safety and peace to the story. From this foundation you can develop relationships of mutual trust and respect.

Couples Coaching

If you seek professional coaching with the intent to change your spouse, it is important to realize that the most powerful tool for healing a relationship is the understanding that you are the only part of the process that you can change. This process will have amazing results if you accept that your spouse, partner, sibling, friend, boss, coworker is not part of the solution. Consider the fact that you bring to your relationships your own set of unique experiences. The other entity in the relationship has brought their unique set as well. You can only change your own experience and as you change that you will change your beliefs and your actions. The Himmer Center provides a place for you to understand and change the decisions you made at a very early age about yourself in a safe, neutral environment.


Addiction Recovery

It is easier to live with an addiction than it is to take the addiction head on and become an integrated, healed individual. Why? Because our addictions are familiar and we will choose familiar over integrated time and time again. At the Himmer Center we address both kinds of addiction: exogenous and endogenous. Exogenous is an addiction to an outside stimulus such as drugs or alcohol. Endogenous is more subtle, yet equally powerful and controlling. Rage, pornography, sex, sarcasm, criticism, religious terrorism, or gambling are all inside out addictions. So, if it’s easier to be an addict than integrated why even try? Because the return on investment of living with our addictions is ZERO. The ROI for safety and integration? Infinite. We get caught up in the idea that rage, sarcasm, shoulding and controlling aren’t really addictions, the only real question is whether your addiction is legal or not. The reality is, we are all addicted to something. Integration starts with one step.



A common mistake we see so often in our modern parenting models is the fact that there is a difference between parenting and enabling our children. It is a learned skill to be a parent and not a friend to your child. The key to effective parenting is basing your relationships on the principle of  developing mutual trust and respect, not just striving to be liked by your children. When we employ the model of the helicopter parent, or the snow plowing parent we are engaging in behavior that is rescuing and addictive. These models create peer-centric children, children who care more about how their friends feel and act with them than living the principles they were taught. A parent-centric relationship is full and rich and lasts throughout the life of your child, whether in your home or out of it. It’s time to take back the reins!

Organizational & Personal Wellness

The process is strikingly similar. The difference is the approach: 1 X 1 versus 1 on many.

Employee Wellness

Research shows that for every $1 your company invests in the health and well being of your employees your organization will show a $1.45 in return. Extending this research even further we find that for every dollar invested in healing employee addictions you will have a return rate of $4 per $1 invested. Over 90% of your employees will manifest either an exogenous or endogenous addiction. This can include behavioral addictions like, rage, workplace bullying, sarcasm, belittling or condescending behavior or external addictions like drugs and alcohol. The truth is the figure is really 100%, the remaining 10% are just better at hiding their addictions.

Team Building

Team building starts within the context of your organization’s culture. Is your culture permissive of incivility, bullying and other behavioral addictions or is it a culture of safety and mutual trust and respect. The culture is created and fomented at the executive level. When employees trust their supervisor (company), or the management, they have increased trust and respect for the organization. This model creates much more committed employees who are internally motivated. Motivated employees directly affect the bottom line. An employee who trusts and respects their organization will have increased performance over non-motivated employees.


Leadership Training

Most managers (Leaders) are promoted based on a set of skills which are largely unrelated to being effective leaders. Specifically, today’s leaders are more technically skilled than at at time in history yet they most often lack the necessary people skills to be effective leaders. The challenge is that effective leaders are not usually the most technically savvy in the department, their success comes from their EQ not their IQ. The best leaders in your organization will have the highest emotional intelligence (social skills).

Executive Coaching

One on One executive coaching is a powerful asset to any organization. Giving an executive the ability to sound out ideas, role play sensitive scenarios, and receive neutral feedback in a safe space enhances, empowers, and increases that executives capacity to lead. As an executive, it is vital to learn to put the oxygen mask on you first and then, from a position of understanding how to develop mutual trust and respect, the executive can also learn how to accept coaching. When your executives seek to challenge and grow themselves everyone benefits. Research shows an alarming atrophying affect with executives, EQ skills are not being cultivated or encouraged. Don’t  let yourself or your executives be that stat!

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