Take this short survey

Take this short survey:

  1. Are you tired of reading self-help books without a noticeable change or improvement?
  2. Are there work or family relationships that create anxiety in your life?self-help books
  3. Do you want to discover the steps necessary to be a leader instead of a titled position without anyone following or listening?
  4. Do people avoid your presence?
  5. Do you want deeper relationships with your family and friends?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, click here for complimentary Emotional Intelligence course that will increase your awareness and provide some insights into the specific tactics of social skills.

Change only happens when specific awareness is created.

Are you sufficiently aware to answer the previous questions?

Self-help junkies and people who avoid self-help material both have a common trait, neither is satisfied with the status quo.

Self-help junkies want to improve and self-help avoiders either don’t think they need help or have given up.

I’ve been training professionals on how to lead people, sell their ideas or products, and create safe space with others since 1977. In 2005, I started codifying my process. I’ve published my first book on these techniques and they are now available in a multiple of delivery methods.

Join me for a 3-day training course.

By signing up for this complimentary course, you will discover five core competencies of emotional intelligence with a focus on self-awareness. You will also have a review of the 7 micro skills of a leader. The course is an exercise in practicing a very powerful tool that is not taught at the university nor is it part of organizational training, however, it plays a significant role in your success.

Sign up for your complimentary 3-day on Emotional Intelligence by clicking here.

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