Dr. Richard Himmer



This is what life is all about: time with his bride and their 6 grandchildren.



Family is Richard’s top priority. Everything revolves around his wife, his children, and his grandchildren. Richard has been a Scoutmaster for almost 30 years. His four oldest boys are Eagle Scouts with Samuel (14 yrs.) a Life Scout working on his Eagle project. Cheri was their Cub Scout leader.

From cliff jumping, to playing in the family band, the process of working as a family bring him the greatest joy. Growing up without a father and having a mother who spent her time surviving, set a belief structure early on that his children were going to experience a different family structure than he did.

Camping with the boys.

Double whammy from baba and grandma on our eldest granddaughter Abigail’s cheeks.

Playing watch dog at Samuel’s elementary school.

Richard believes that his granddaughters are about the cutest things in the world.

Richard and Cheri love to travel.

From the Middle East to Europe. Traveling with Cheri makes a great experience even better.

His favorite place is Switzerland, in the alps, hiking, singing, and being with Cheri.

It doesn’t get better than this!

The core component of Richard’s coaching is the ability to establish relationships based on mutual trust and respect. He’s not coming from the position of recovering from a broken marriage and children gone astray. He experienced all that as a child. As a husband and father, he was determined to break the epigenetic transfer of dysfunctional behavior during his generation. And he has!

Richard and Cheri have been happily married going on 34 years. They have constant contact with their adult children and grandchildren. He talks with his boys and grandchildren weekly. Their 5th son Samuel is still at home and is a joy. The teenage years are challenging, but when children are parent-centric, the challenges turn into wonderful experiences.

He isn’t teaching out of book. Richard has experiential knowledge of how to build relationships based on mutual trust and respect. His family is his case study.

The Results

How Wellness is measured

Each client is given an intake assessment on their overall health. There are 8 questions that address the following topics:

  1. Sleep
  2. Energy
  3. Supplements to enhance energy
  4. Supplement volume
  5. Mood
  6. Emotional intimacy
  7. Physical intimacy
  8. Life’s passion

This establishes the base and every 2 – 4 weeks, the assessment is taken again. The numbers to the right are samples of actual clients. The dramatic increases are normal when one considers the process actually removes causal feelings that create drama, triggers, anxiety, and stress.

  • Client #1: Female. Temporary separation with husband. Wellness improvement over 3 weeks (230% increase) 230%
  • Client #2. Male. Communication issues with work and wife. Wellness improvement over 3 weeks (96.3%). 96.3%
  • Client #3. Female. Drug addictions. Family and ex spouse challenges. Wellness improvement over 3 weeks 31.58%
  • Client #4: Female. Divorce pending, anxiety, no boundaries. Wellness improvement over 6 weeks (116.64%) 116.64%
  • Client #5: Male. Workplace bullying. Wellness improvement over 3 weeks (21.2%) 21.2%
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