Have you ever wondered why you act the way you do? 

Your past is alive in you. It’s time to reprogram your inner belief system and rid yourself of the false narratives that suck your happiness, joy, and well-being away.

Have you ever done something (over and over again) that you know is harmful and distances you from the kind of relationships you want, but you feel helpless to stop it?

Each of us struggles with behaviors that are frustrating. In this video (posted ca. 1 year ago) you’ll witness the stories of two people, Ralph & Gertie, and the trauma they experienced as little children. Both yearned for love and connection and when they found each other, they were determined to rid themselves of the past and start over. 

If only things worked that way. 

The take away from this video: it is not our fault we have maladaptive behavior. That we have addictions and that we do harmful things.


To learn more about addressing the challenges of our parents and youth, click here.

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