A Brain Docuseries

This past week I’ve listened and re-listened to a Brain Docuseries by Dr. Mark Hyman. Here are two excerpts from the Brain Docuseries that I found particularly interesting.

Dr. John Ratey: “There’s a lot we’re learning, and one of the things we have learned about our diet is that we became fat-phobic in the 60s and 70s and 80s, so we became low-fat people, and that meant we became high-carb people, but we cheated ourselves on the good fats. One of the things that we’ve known in psychiatry since 1990, is that omega-3 fatty acids are perhaps as good a treatment for things like bipolar illness as are some of our bipolar drugs. With that came a whole lot of research looking at omega-3s as a way to treat mood, anxiety, ADD, and autism. It has a positive effect on all of those pervasive problems. Plus, it’s great for the heart, skin, bones, the connections in our body, and also treats arthritis and the like.”

Dr. Drew Ramsey: “If you look at what happened, for example, to long-chained omega-3 fats, and these are really a great example of one of the most important things that I tell my patients to focus on eating. That’s what I focus on. I look at my week, how do I judge it? Did I eat fatty fish that has long-chained omega-3 fats? Omega-3 fats are one of my top criteria for eaters who are looking to support brain health. Omega-3 fats just got entirely stripped from our diet. We actually moved from having an omega-3 fat-based grass-based diet to a diet that’s based much more on seed oils and what are also essential fats but are thought to be much more inflammatory.”

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