Balance It!

A Mind/Body transformation that is drug and surgery free and does not create added addictions.

The program is designed around multiple 12-session groupings. Each set of 12 sessions takes you deeper into healing, transformation, and sustained happiness, joy, and well- being.


To eradicate as much chronic pain and illness as is possible without drugs or surgery.

If you struggle with any of the following, then you are a candidate for this unique healing process!


  • Codependence

  • Smoking

  • Drugs & Alcohol

  • Food (obesity, diabetes II)

  • Pornography

  • Sex

  • Anger, rage

  • Bullying

  • Being a victim

  • Holding grudges



  • Marriage and significant others

  • Children and grandchildren

  • God and Church


  • Coworkers

  • Direct Reports

  • Supervisors

  • Getting a raise

  • Workplace bullying

Chronic pain and illness

  • IRB

  • ADD | ADHD

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Multiple Sclerosis

  • Back pain

  • Constipation

  • Digestive problems

  • Brain fog, lack of focus

  • Mood swings

  • Muscle or joint aches and pains

Have you exhausted all the traditional avenues for healing?

Then it’s time to try a proven system instead of settling for a symptoms approach. Western medicine is not designed to heal by finding and eradicating causation. It uses prescriptions and surgery to sustain rather than to heal. 

People are no longer waiting around for their doctors to catch up with the changing world of healing. Healing comes in stages and does not constitute a removal of pain. Healing is a different state of consciousness. It goes beyond the physical and directs all energy to the subconscious and gut microbiome.

The gut microbiome is the gateway to the process. If your gut is on fire (inflamed) your brain is on fire. By the same token, if you’ve suffered from unprocessed trauma in your life your brain is on fire (inflamed) and since this negative energy continues to eat away at its host (you) your gut is on fire.


With the advent of the new 5th vital (pain), Purdue Pharmaceutical, the manufacturer of OxyContin, became a chief sponsor of the American Pain Society, while Dr. Campbell served as the President. In due time patients learned the system. Come in for a stomach ache or rash, claim a pain level of 4 or higher, get narcotics. In 1985 drug companies started advertising directly to consumer. We now have the perfect storm converging in medical offices around the United States:

The patient assesses the pain. The doctor treats the pain in tandem with the patient’s self-diagnoses, which is influenced by pharmaceutical commercials. The goal is not to heal the patient but to reduce pain and the patient is not treated for causation. Pain reduction drives the process and after 20 years, American has an opioid epidemic. Here are the most recent numbers.

Chronic pain = $635 billion/year

Back pain = $765 billion/year

Obesity = $200 billion/year


Opioid Crisis

There is an opioid crisis in America and part of the causation can be attributed to a 1996 neurosurgeon’s speech in Los Angeles. Dr. James Campbell suggested that each patient be assessed for their pain level. So after measuring your pulse, blood pressure, temperature, and respiratory rate, patients are asked to assess their pain level. “We need to train doctors and nurses to treat pain as a vital sign.”

The unexpected consequences of this mindset was that health care facilities were being rated and compensated for pain reduction, instead of healing. Pain is not the problem. In fact, pain is healthy, if controlled. Who doesn’t have pain? No one I know. I certainly do and when my pain is under control, I can go about my life expecting abundance. Pain doesn’t have to be a hinderance.

Cause and Effect


There are two predictable causes to consider:  

The consequences of both are manifested (symptoms) in the subconscious (heart, lungs, kidneys, lungs, gut microbiome, digestive tract, genitals, & your monkey brain or limbic system).

Therefore, the solutions are also found within the subconscious.

(1) Unresolved Trauma

The monkey brain or limbic system

Case study: Julie was conceived during a night of passion. Her father became upset when his girlfriend (her mother) informed him that she was pregnant. Her father wanted a divorce while her mother was torn between the baby and her boyfriend. Eventually her parents reconciled and were married, despite constant bickering and fights. Julie was born and on the outside, Julie seemed quite normal.

What’s the trauma? Her father wanted her dead. Her mother didn’t take a side at first, but eventually wanted her.

Beliefs: What does Julie believe about herself based on the trauma of conception? 

  • I’m not wanted.
  • I’m a bad person.

Behaviors: How does Julie behave based on her beliefs?

  • Cry to get attention.
  • Cry because of feelings of inadequacies.

Compounding trauma: At age 2, her parents divorced amid emotional and physical abuse from her father to her mother.


  • It’s my fault they got divorced.
  • I’m not wanted.
  • I’m a bad person.


  • I’ll act out to get attention.
  • I’ll isolate to avoid attention.
  • I will give up my boundaries to be liked.

Compounding trauma: At age 6, Julie is molested by her new step-father.

Beliefs and behaviors are reinforced.

  • Men can’t be trusted.
  • Men treat me like an object.
  • Men give me attention when I let them do what they want.
  • I need attention from men to be happy.

At this stage in life, Julie is a target of unwanted maladaptive behavior. By the time Julie is a teenager, she transforms into a victim. A victim is the recipient of manufactured maladaptive behavior and she won’t know or understand why bad things continue to happen to her. After her third marriage to men who abuse her, she swears she’ll never get married again or even speak with a man, because all men behave like her father, step-father and her three abusive husbands.

To address unresolved trauma, we use the Himmer It system along with guided mindfulness and regression therapy. Here is a cute example of how it works.

The Himmer It Process

After an early morning run, I noticed a text from my eldest son, Charles, asking if I’d chat with his daughter Abigail. Abigail is an engaging and bright 8-year old going on 29. She is the eldest child of four and carries the mantle well. So I Face Timed with my young granddaughter.

When Abigail answered, she seemed a little somber and struggled for words when asked what she wanted to talk about. Her father explained that Abigail had lost her temper and after talking it over with dad, wondered if Baba might have any suggestions on how to work through the situation. When Abigail was very young, she called me Baba instead of grandpa. It stuck!

“What happened,” I asked.

“Well, my dad asked us to clean up our rooms and said if we needed any help to ask,” she answered. And then continued explaining that she asked her dad for help, but Oliver, her 1-year old brother needed help. When her dad returned, instead of helping Abigail, he helped her sisters and that triggered her. When she asked for help again, her dad continued helping the younger sisters ignoring her requests.

Hearing the ruckus, her mother’s attempt at soothing things only served to fuel Abigail’s fire. After everything finally settled down, it was decided to call Baba.

Baba:     “Hmmm, are you willing to play a game with me?

Abigail:     “Sure.”

B:             “Okay, let’s pretend you’re up in your room and you’ve just asked your dad for help. You there?

A:             “Yep!”

B:             “How do you feel right now?”

A:             “Fine.”

B:             “Okay, now imagine after you’ve asked your dad for help that he is ignoring you and helping your sisters instead of helping you. Where do you feel the anger?”

A:             “Uh, right here!” Pointing to her solar plexus.

B:             “Okay, tell me what are you afraid of?”

A:             “That my dad won’t help me?”

B:             “Anything else?”

A:             “Yea, that I’ll have to do everything by myself. I’ll be all alone.”

B:             “Okay, what are you telling yourself that isn’t true?”

A:             “Umm, that my family won’t be with me aaand that my dad doesn’t care about me.”

B:             “Now Abigail, I want you to pretend that you’re 100 feet in the air and looking down into your bedroom watching this drama happen. Can you do that?”

A:             “Yea Baba.”

B:             “Okay, now describe Abigail’s behavior for me.”

A:             (brief chuckle) She’s really mad. She’s yelling at everyone. She’s a crazy girl down there.” (We both laugh.)

B:             “So answer this question. If you had a do-over, knowing what you know now, what would you do differently?

A:             (Smiling) “I’d stay calm and ask my dad to help me again.”

B:             “Close your eyes now and imagine you are there again. What does it look like if you remain calm when your dad doesn’t help?”

A:             “I’m kind and I’m not mad. And I’m not yelling.”

B:             “Hmm, how do you feel?”

A:             “Really good. I feel calm and I feel peaceful.”

B:             “Let’s replay the entire story in your imagination, are you ready?”

A:             “Uh huh.”

B:             “Okay, now take a deep breath in and count to four while you’re breathing in. Now hold your breath for four seconds. Now let out your breath real slow through your mouth and count to eight. Now imagine in your mind’s eye that you are asking your dad for help…

As I reviewed every step, using her words for each step of the experience, we reviewed the first scenario and then switched it to her re-take. When I prompted her to share her new feelings and ideas, she was very calm and articulated how she will handle things in the future.

Her dad reported that Abigail was able to check herself multiple times during the following week. During our follow up phone call (one week later), she shared how she was able to keep her temper in check.

This process is one of the most effective systems to deal with challenging behavior, habits, and addictions. My clients refer to it as Himmer It! There are four steps:

  1. Map It
  2. Name It
  3. Question It
  4. Balance It

See if you can find each step in the dialogue.

(2) The Body Brains

aka Gut Microbiome

The primary culprit for inflammation, leaky gut, excess weight, fatigue, insomnia, chronic aches and pain etc. is the Standard American Diet. It is based on processed foods that have high calories, low nutrition, an abundance of sugar, salt, bad fats, additives, and chemicals.[1]

Other possibilities are:

  • Food allergies, gluten, lactose
  • Aspirin, ibuprofen
  • Antibiotics
  • Alcohol
  • Toxins
  • Stress

If your microbiome (gut) is out of balance, it could cause the following symptoms:

  • Gas, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, liver problems
  • Join pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Eczema, hives
  • Brain fog

Your gut (microbiome) is responsible for 80% – 90% of your happiness, mood, and balance [2]. Part of the challenge is unprocessed trauma. The other part is the gut’s environment. Without protecting the gut’s environment, most people will suffer without an understanding of why or how to address it. Increasing your volume of prescription drugs designed to alter one’s mood, is like putting a bandage over the leak in the dam. This is symptomology.

This regimen is a systems approach designed to address causation. The research community is abundant with supporting science that your gut microbiome is the source of chronic illnesses, which make up over 90% of medical visits. Of those medical visits, 98% are preventable. This is preventive medicine at work.

7 Steps to Healing

  1. Balance your gut microbiome (body).
  2. Heal from past trauma (mind).
  3. Detox (body).
  4. Learn new Emotional Intelligence skills and behaviors (mind).
  5. Learn to Focus (subconscious) so you can Lose Focus (conscious).
  6. Integrate the mind and body (upstairs and downstairs brains).
  7. Become a Life Long Learner

The 6 R’s of Healing the Microbiome

The 6-R’s assist with understanding the process. Follow it religiously and you will notice the difference within days. If you don’t follow with exactness, you will get exactly what you put into it.

  1. Remove
    • Artificial sweeteners, additives, soy, gluten, dairy, and sugar. This is not an elimination diet at this point. Right now you’re going to pay attention to your food intake and start cutting back. Listen to the guided mindfulness recordings on my website (https:\\\). Go to the Learning Center and click on Hypnosis recordings.
  2. Replace
    • Use Ultra-GI Replenish, supplements, and common sense to slowly introduce your body to a different way of supplying needed nutrients and energy. Follow the Hunger Scale principle and eat only when you’re at a 2 and stop eating when you’re at a 5. Learn the difference between emotional and physical hunger.
  3. Restore
    • Treat your gut with probiotics and SPM (inflammation blocker and immunizer).
  4. Repair
    • Reduce inflammation with Omega-3 fatty acids and recommended supplements (B vitamin, D, selenium, zinc). Gut on fire, brain on fire and vice versa. The two brains are interconnected.
  5. Retest
    • Usually 1 – 2 months and after your detox. This is not a cleanse, which is an outside-in generated bowel movement. A detox is restoring the microbiome to bacterial balance.
  6. Repeat
    • Continue using the supplements based on your assessment. Detox twice a year and heal the emotional side of the equation. Use guided and personal mindfulness for maintenance, regression hypnosis for past trauma, and Emotional Intelligence coaching for growth.

Dr. Himmer’s Recommended 3-month Protocol for Mind/Body healing:

Month 1

  • Medical Food (Ultra GI Replenish)
    1. Prebiotics
    2. Balances gut microbiome
  • Probiotics (UltraFlora Balance)
    1. Support GI and immune health
    2. Balances intestinal flora
  • SPM Active
    1. Stress relief and inflammation blocker
  • Omega-3 Fish Oil (OmegaGenics DPA-DHA 720)
    1. Joint pain and minor pain
  • D3 – 5000
    1. Seasonal Affect Disorder
    2. Supports bone, cardiovascular, and immune health.
  • Multi vitamin (PhytoMulti)
    1. Cell protection, DNA stability
    2. Activates health potential

Month 2

  • 10-day Detox kit
  • Maintain previous protocol
    1. Medical food
    2. Probiotics
    3. SPM Active
    4. Omega-3 Fish oil
    5. D3
    6. Multivitamin

 Month 3

  • Repeat Month 1 protocol
  • Modified Mediterranean diet
    1. Create your own protocol and lifestyle
    2. Assemble your recipes
    3. Habituate your eating style

[1] For a more detailed explanation, read “Inside-Out: A Revolutionary Approach to Your Body” by Dr. Robert G. Silverman. You will find this simple approach to weight management and inflammation reduction in his book.

[2] For an indepth study of the gut microbiome and the impact of the Standard American Diet (SAD), read Dr. David Pearlmutter’s book, Brain Maker.

The Solution

The Balance It Course

Group & Individual work

The Balance It course combines the best of group dynamics, individual healing, trauma & addiction work, reading, Emotional Intelligence coaching, and learning to deliberately heal. You will do most of the heavy lifting, and by so doing will develop a strong self-regard and understanding that you have all the resources within to heal and be authentic.

You will also receive a 12-week supply of professional grade supplements and a 10-day Detox kit, which will methodically address gut and brain inflammation, cravings, brain fog, joint pain, stomach aches etc. The course is divided into 12 groups sessions and 4 individual sessions with Dr. Himmer. In the group sessions you learn and practice deliberate healing. In the individual sessions you heal through guided mindfulness, resourcing and regression therapy.

To learn more or sign up for the course, please email and insert Balance It in the subject line. We will contact you to answer any questions and enroll you in our next class. Classes start when four or more students enroll. Enrollment is when you have made payment. Details are available when you contact us.

What Clients Are Saying!

“Learning to stop the trigger early was soooo good. This system works?”

“Himmer it!   Working miracles all around me. Realizing that having that single tool to funnel all the rest of the models through is working much better for me! The Himmer It tool is like that saying “focus so you can unfocus” for me.  It brings it all together.”

“My body feels better all the time. My stiffness is 50 percent better over all. I don’t find myself stretching all the time to get rid of tightness in my muscles. Metagenics is such a blessing.”

“Had two opportunities to use Himmer It last week.  Both typically HUGE triggers. I haven’t had huge ones recently so they were a good challenge for the Himmer It approach.”


“Over and over the models and perspectives you have shared allowed me a framework to view the world around me.”

“It took me 6 sessions and 9 days of deliberate practice and before it moved from practice to flow. I am beginning to use it naturally instead of forced.”

“It’s nearly impossible to get together without some emotional breakdowns with my in-laws. Obviously the anxiety begins in advance as we anticipate the upcoming judgments of my wife’s parents. During their stay I was able to objectively look at situations and reason why others were acting in the way they were. [Now} family issues don’t bother me the way they used to and I believe it is because I can see the root of the problem in each case. Fear and pain is a motivating factor in nearly every single maladaptive behavior.”

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