Welcome to the Himmer Center Library

Blue Paper on Emotional Intelligence.

Blue Paper on EI and Sales.

Report on Empathy.

Report on Expectations.

Fact, Story, Story – a powerful tool to calm or soothe high anxiety or tension with another person.

But I Am Right – What good is it to be right if no one is listening?

Power vs. Control – in a conversation, it is important to know which one you want and which you need to delegate.

Questions_Answers_Curses – asking questions, accepting answers and three curses.

Kicking Conflict off the Island – why is it that we as human avoid conflict like it’s evil?

FLPPN – how to build trust in a broken relationship.

Collusion – the frustrating impulse to behave in a way that we get exactly what we don’t want.

Clarity_is_Power – the importance of seeking clarity before agreement.

Watch DOG – a day with with my boy at his Elementary school

What is Your POS – Parental Operating System

Stress kids – why are our kids so stressed out?

Sam’s Brain CS report – what happened to Sam’s brain?

Flipping Your Lid – a report that explains how we give up control over our emotions.

How Professionals Atrophy their learning skills.

Teaching Smart People how to learn.

Teaching Smart People to learn.

Industrial Era vs. the New Science of Leadership

Keep the Bully Boss – self explanatory

Naïve Empiricism – what we don’t know, does hurt!

Blind Spots Sales – want to know what you don’t know?

Amber – way cool story of a Jr. Olympics athlete and effective communication skills.

Afraid to Admit – rough stuff when fear is involved.

3 Truths of Communication – what level do you operate in?

Trust at Work 

Family Blind Spots 

Passion vs Addiction – there is a difference!

Neutral Feedback in the Fam – how to achieve neutrality within the family

Love language – what is your love language?

Blindspots Marriage – what your marital blindspots?

Small Commitments – the importance of getting small commitments in sales, parenting, or with coworkers.

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