Hire Dr. Himmer for your next Keynote Presentation!

Imagine enjoying a stimulating intellectual experience that brings humor and real life into the same space.

People do not fail because they lack knowledge. People fail because they fail to act on what they know. Successful companies are moving from the motivational approach of jokes and anecdotal stories to a transformational approach. He keeps the humor, but makes it part of the narrative instead of the focus.

The pursuit of knowledge does not make one wise. It’s the proper application of the knowledge that is paramount. With a master’s in psychology, an MBA, and a PhD in Industrial and Organizational psychology, Dr. Himmer can bring the data to the game.

People know exactly what to do and then spend their entire lives trying to avoid doing it. Dr. Himmer specializes in avoidance & maladaptive behavior. He wrote his dissertation on workplace bullying and emotional intelligence. He coaches executives, leaders, entrepreneurs, and families on finding solutions from within instead of blaming or looking to others.

What most companies want is real life solutions that last more than 72 hours. If you want a transformational approach to your organization, Dr. Himmer has the background, knowledge, and ability to connect with your people.

Dr. Himmer can integrate family and work seamlessly. If you want your employees or coworkers to increase or maximize their production (employee engagement) it requires emotional intelligence in your training. Emotional intelligence accounts for more than double the success rate over IQ!
With my Scout Troop on a High Adventure teaching the Personal Management merit badge.

Dr. Himmer has 15 years of corporate experience and more than 15 years as a entrepreneur. If you want practical talk and solutions you can take away in real time, he can bring the experience to the game as well.

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