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There is an Afghan proverb that says, “If you think you are leading and no one is following, you’re only taking  a walk.” In my book “Listen & Lead” seven micro skills that are essential to effective communication are outlined. Teamwork and learning to lead is shown as different than management or managing employees.

Essential to leadership, teamwork and communication is the truth that without the three A’s (authority, autonomy, accountability)  no amount of IQ will make leaders and their teams effective and productive. Using emotional intelligence (social skills) training, managers become effective leaders.

May I introduce you to TED and TING. You will always know you are communicating with (a) TED because you will be answering questions about you, your thoughts, and your feelings. You will always know you are communicating with (a) TING because you will be listening to someone’s personal story about their thoughts and feelings without concern for your thoughts and feelings.

Recently a client of mine, let’s call him Ralph, explained (in frustration) that he’s been practicing communication skills as a TED. Ralph, according to his reckoning, has gone 51 days since the last person asked him a personal question with the intent to listen and understand Ralph’s thoughts and/or feelings.

Leaders are not saddled with the responsibility to practice “oral diarrhea” tactics as part of their position. TING-type leadership treats employees as objects. So instead of leading, TINGs take long walks into the management fields of pushing employees away.

The video to your right is part I of a V part series. Access to the series will be made in the near future.

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