Individual Wellness

You are the only agent of change in the story.

Your Past is Alive in YOU!

Healing comes from the courage to face yourself and accept the past as a learning experience. Running increases pain. Acceptance is believing that your journey is unfolding exactly as it should.

Something to Consider

Ask yourself the following questions as part of the healing process (you won’t hear these questions addressed in traditional medicine).

  1. What is my inner mind’s true perspective of my worth and right to live, love, and succeed?
  2. What is the state of my own thoughts (what are my inner beliefs that drive behavior)?
  3. What is the specific nature of my past that has created my current beliefs and behaviors?
  4. What compounding events happened because of my beliefs and behaviors?
  5. What negative events lie dormant for now, but are ready to explode if I don’t change?
  6. How do I heal?
  7. What aspects of my life need to change if I want to start compounding positive experiences?
  8. How do I make the most of these tools to integrate my body and mind and how far can I go?

Personal – Individual Wellness

Many times I have seen clients embark on the exciting, challenging process of achieving personal wellness. It is not an easy journey and you will find that I will challenge your perceptions. With our coaching and hypnosis programs we are able to address many of the following issues through coaching and hypnotherapy.

  • PTSD
  • Anxiety, stress
  • Depression
  • Performance
  • Intimacy
  • Perfectionism
  • OCD
  • Addictions


Addiction can manifest in two ways, exogenous and endogenous. Exogenous is from the outside in, tobacco, alcohol, or drugs for example. Between 10% – 15% of people are susceptible to exogenous addictions. Endogenous addictions come from the inside out (behavior): anger, rage, controlling, grudge holding, having to be right, manipulation, persuasion, sarcasm, criticism, pornography, sex, gambling, codependency, food etc. As you read the list you can see that every person alive is susceptible to, and indeed operates from, a space of behaviorial addiction. All addiction has it’s roots in the experiences of your youth or childhood. Endogenous addictions can be as hard to overcome as any substance addiction because your experiences have formed your beliefs about yourself. To change the addiction, heal yourself, you have to change your experience thereby changing beliefs, your behavior and finally your results.

Couples Coaching

What works in couples coaching? An individual effort to become integrated. Focus on self-healing. Focus on using the oxygen mask for yourself before you attempt to place it on someone else. Healing from within, creating an integrated person empowers you to develop an interdependent relationships.

What doesn’t work? Blaming, shaming, and trying to change someone other than yourself. Codependency is when your behavior or perceived happiness is contingent upon another’s behavior. Codependence does not share space with interdependence. Harmonious relationships are impossible until you focus on you.


As a parent the best relationship that you can have with your children is a relationship of mutual trust and respect. This parenting model will keep even your grown, out of the house children coming back to you for advice, reassurance and even coming to share the joys in their lives, this is parent-centric relationship. Wanting this is a good first step but an even better first step would be to start working on yourself.  Scroll up to the top right side and review the 8 questions under the Title: Something To Consider. Effective parenting comes when children are taught in a neutral environment, with a curriculum based on core principles.

If not taught core principles, the children will become (or have already) peer-centric. Their friends are more important than mom or dad. The relationships with their friends are shallow at best and even disturbing. They make no sense to you and they disdain any intervention on your part. If this sounds familiar, it’s time to learn a different set of communication skills.

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